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The game consists of 20 levels. At all levels, the player is given a composition (sometimes several convoys) and almost all missions. A repair shop where damaged and unarmored armored trains are mended and replenish their ammunition, and Depot, where for money locomotives are built (only two of them) and wagons (their 11 varieties). As a rule, the enemy has serious forces. It is necessary to destroy the enemy, his Depot and go to the next level. One of the features of the gameplay is that after the destruction of the wagon after it remains a trolley-armored platform without weapons. To destroy the battle car completely, we must finish off the cart. A similar principle has so far been used only in the SWINE game [1]

Locomotives and fighting vehicles
Small locomotive . A small steam locomotive is available from the very beginning of the game. It is a maneuverable, fast-erecting and accelerating cheap locomotive. It’s pretty easy to destroy. But many players for speed and overclocking this locomotive love more than its heavy fellow (see below). For reasons of game balance, a small locomotive is not available in missions with 14 (“Flood”) to 18 (“Ice and Fire”) inclusive. In the Final, the twentieth mission (“Hon-Ka-Du”), this locomotive can be built.
Heavy steam locomotive . This locomotive is available with the fifth (“Storm”) on the twentieth (“Hon-Ka-Du”) mission with a break in the seventh mission (“Web”). A heavy locomotive, unlike a small locomotive, costs a lot, is built longer in the depot, slows down and has a lower speed than a small fellow. But it has two undeniable advantages: greater strength (about 1.8 times greater than the previous locomotive) and a large engine power in the sense that it can pull more cars with less speed loss.
The gun . The cannon is simply destroyed, it has a relatively small ammunition and deadly power. But it is easy to climb, quickly built in Depot and quickly shoots (about 1 shot per second).
Mortyra . The mortar has twice the power of the gun, about 2.5 times the shot range, also more ammunition, but less rate of fire. Mortire is also being built at Depot for longer. Morty is slightly heavier on the rise than the cannon. The main difference between a mortar and a cannon is that the cannon shoots rectilinearly, and the mortar conducts a hanging fire with a nucleus filled with explosives. Thus, the mortar is good for destroying stationary structures and small trains.
Missile installation . The rocket launcher is heavy, like 1.5 mortars. The boe of the rocket launcher is 1.8 times smaller than the gun. Quite a long time built in the depot. It is quite expensive. Shoots the installation of two homing missiles, each in capacity equal to the projectile of the gun. Sometimes these missiles do not reach the target, if it moves too fast. Missile installations are good in groups of two or three. So they can seriously damage the composition of ordinary sizes.
The repairman . The repairman, as the name implies, repairs the damaged trains, and he can do it right while driving. The repairman is being built for a long time, slowly overclocking, just being destroyed. But in large armored trains it is simply necessary. In addition, the repairman can install a powerful mine on the railway or neutralize the mine delivered by the enemy. Can restore any type of car after a considerable period of time, if only the platform remains of it. The repairman is the only car that does not reduce speed when repairing broken rail.

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