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Boss 2 (2017) 720P Bengali

Boss 2 (2017) 720P Bengali

Boss 2 revolves around Surya(Jeet), a public figure who is now hated by the people of India due to an apparent missing of their money kept in Business bank, a bank built by Surya for his people. Gopinath, Surya’s loved minister was killed by an unknown person due to various enmities. Surya was forced to leave India due to repeated threats by the people and the police. He dressed as a Rock musician and sneaked into Dhaka, Bangladesh, to look for Prince Shahnawaz Hussain(Amit Hasan), who had earlier promised to donate a huge sum for his company, Surya Industries. But later he came to know that he betrayed him and went off to Bangkok,Thailand. In Dhaka, Aisha(Nusraat Faria) who was actually Shahnawaz’s daughter helped Surya to overcome various problems and come to Bangkok. In Bangkok, during an action scene on the top of Shahnawaz’s building, we come to know that actually Bidyut Shivalkar(Indraneil Sengupta), Gopinath’s son, who Surya had believed to be his friend due to his enormous contributions to his industry, was the one who tricked Surya by stealing all the money in the bank with a hope to become a wealthy man. He is also the man who killed his father by gunfire due to greed of property. The people who helped him were Prince Shahnawaz Hussain(Amit Hasan) and Avinash Burman(Kaushik Sen), another politician friend of Gopinath, with the same intention.Surya escaped them by jumping down the building using a rope. He is soon able to kill Shahnawaz with the help of Aisha, who hates her father for killing many people including her mother. He also is able to poison Avinash to death while asleep, in spite of the huge security. But then the plot turns around when Bidyut captures Aisha and Rusha(Subhasree Ganguly), Surya’s lover.But finally, in an action scene, he is able to save both of them and gets hold of Bidyut. He also thus is able to win back the lost money. Bidyut is sent to jail and a victorious Surya is once again able to bring happiness to his people and criticizes them for losing their trust on him. Nevertheless, the film ends on a happy note with Surya being able to win back the trust of the people.

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